Because ... Priice is a cost effective Business 2 Business solution to the most common problems plaguing both suppliers and their customers.
Priice is not ... a program for the general public, but is restricted to closed user groups within specific industries.

For suppliers (companies that supply goods to their customers for resale),

Priice provides an easy, cost effective way of communicating their prices to their customers (together with product specs and images) making it simpler and easier for their customers to sell their products.

For their customers

Priice means that their suppliers’ prices, product specs and images are always available, up to date and accessible - simultaneously on their desktop computers, their laptops, their tablets and their smart phones.

ducks in a row

Priice ... is like the proverbial duck ...
floating calmly on the surface while paddling furiously below ...
intuitively simple to use ...
but with seriously sophisticated programming behind it.

the sheer convenience of the digital age