As a customer, one of the most frustrating
problems is when you can't complete
a quote because you're missing a
key price or two!

Sometimes the price list is not
up to date or it doesn't yet
include a new product – or the
supplier is simply not available

And sometimes you’ve quoted on
an item from the price list only to find
it’s been discontinued or is out of stock!

undreamed of benefits for users

Priice now offers a simple solution to ensure that suppliers’ prices
are always available, up to date and accessible, no matter where
you are - whether at the office (on your desktop computer) or
travelling (on your laptop) or out in the field (on your tablet or
smart phone).

So now there’s no excuse for not having all your suppliers’
prices and product specs instantly available in one convenient
price list, together with stock availability and images to show
your customers*, or just to confirm you have the correct item.
* supplier dependent.

And best of all, the prices are always free.

the sheer convenience of the digital age